Monday, 22 March 2010

Final seminar 2009-10

The aim of this final seminar is to explain where I think my research project is going. The slides here will form the basis of my presentation.

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  1. Prof. Murti Poolla, University of Hyderabad, India20 June 2010 at 08:55

    Firstly it is a pleasure to gratefully acknowledge that my Study of Cyber Law commenced in the year 2000 with a study of Prof. Reed's Papers. I find this 'blog' of academic interest with deep insights (witness Slides 10 to 14)

    Yes, Traditional Law making is inadequate when dealing with issues in Cyber Space. When it was felt that adequate Cyber-Law was made for the Web, problems surfaced in its new avatar Web 2.0
    and technology tells us with great glee that Web x.0 is not far away.

    As such, a radically different approach is a must indicated in Slide 14. It must be realised that 'Real Physical Space is a subset of the enveloping Cyber Space'. I wish to add to the false fundamental concepts the idea of 'sovereignty' leading to the concept of strict 'jurisdiction'(May be Prof. Reed indicates this with the word 'geography')

    Also, his radical idea that 'property'is a false fundamental concept (let Roman Law be laid at rest!), then 'IPR' needs a new conceptual foundation.

    I look forward to Prof. Reed's forthcoming Papers that may elaborate on his radical (provacative?)concepts offered in this blog.